vBeers Noord – Zwolle Edition

There will be a vBeers in Zwolle, the 14th of March 2019, this time in StadsCafe HetRegter! For more information check : and for sign-up (free, but with PYOD (pay your own drinks)), please be welcome 🙂

Help(!) I have installed a UAG (Unified Access Gateway) and from Qualsys SSLLabs I get a Class B rating

Welcome back, and you might be reading this post because from interest perspective, or from a getting a Class R rating from Qualsys SSLLabs. It is always best practice to check your Internet Facing products for Security / Certificate issues. You can do this from this site:SSLLabs  I have noticed that when installing a default …


My name is Johan Dijkstra, I am 37 years old. Currently working as a Senior Consultant for Virtualization in Infrastructure and End User Computing environments. Working with products from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and other Vendors.

I am also interested in Home Automation (Domoticz), IoT and Electronics



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