Tips&Trics #1

I would like to post some tips&trics / tweaks for example in vSphere environments, to begin with… there is a little sort of bug within vSphere that can cause (in a vSan environment) that a host is not reporting any information anymore. With this “trick” / “workaround” you are able to prevent this issue from …

VMware vSAN Sparse Swap

Sparse Swap you say? Well, yes! Sparse Swap! With Sparse Swap enabled, you thin provision Swap Objects. This can reduce significantly you’re disk space! It is always important to have available disk space for swapping purposes (and other reasons), but normally, there is no need for dedicated Swap Space (unless you over provision and make …

vRA 7.3 – Part 2

Part 2 : Configuring vRA In part 2 I will go through the configuration of vRA after successfully deploying the vRA OVF Template. Power on the Deployed Template: After turning on the Appliance, wait a few minutes and go to the appliance IP address entered before, in my case : Log in with the …


My name is Johan Dijkstra, I am 36 years old. Currently working as a Consultant for Virtualization in Infrastructure and End User Computing environments. Working with products from VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and other Vendors.

I am also interested in Home Automation (Domoticz), IoT and Electronics



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