Manage Linux with VMware Workspace ONE UEM Part 4 – Application Deployment

In this post I will discuss Application Deployment with VMware Workspace ONE UEM.

You can :

  • Download and Execute the installer
  • Use the Native distribution Package Manager like APT, DPKG, DNF, etc…
  • Make use of third party Package Managers like SNAP, Bolt, etc

For Download and Execute Installer:

For Native Distribution Package Manager:

For Third Party Package Manager:

The difference is with Download & Execute, you download with file the installer from an online source and do the installation locally.

With Native Package Manager, you make use of the build-in package manager for example APT to perform the installation, in the example, first apt-update and after that snaps is being installed through APT

With a third party package manager, we just installed with APT, we can execute commands with the installed package manager SNAP in order to install applications though this third party package manager.

As you can see, you are very flexible in ways to install applications, if for whatever reason, APT is not sufficient for the applications you need, you can make use of third party package managers and if the application is not available within the package manager, or you need a specific version of software you can Download & Execute.

In the next post I will discuss Sensors of VMware Workspace ONE UEM in part 5

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