Manage Linux with VMware Workspace ONE UEM Part 5 – Sensors

Welcome to this post about Sensors for use with Managing Linux with VMware Workspace ONE UEM.

Sensors are ideal to monitor your device / operating system for their status.
With Workspace ONE UEM and the Intelligent hub, you can create and monitor your own sensors.
Everything within a Linux Environment you can monitor from the console you can create a sensor for in UEM.
For example:

  • Monitor Disk Usage
  • Monitor CPU level / max CPU level
  • Monitor Memory
  • Check battery level / remaining battery percentage
  • Check battery health
  • Check certain PCI devices for status
  • Check status of certificates
  • Whatever you want to monitor…

Example of a battery sensor:

But also:

So monitoring you Linux devices with Sensors is super easy and convenient

In the next part, part 6 of this blog post, I will end this series with a conclusion of the use of the product VMware Workspace ONE UEM for which I manage Linux Devices.

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