VMworld 2019

Entering the VMworld Experience

Welcome to my blog about my first VMworld Experience

As this is my first VMworld experience and mega size conference experience, I have no reference for other Conferences like Microsoft Ignite, Citrix Synergy etc. It is really my first time in this matter, but o boy it was fantastic.

We traveled at Sunday to Barcelona by plane, and the first day was really an introduction to Barcelona as I never been In Barcelona before. What a beautiful place! On the first day it was possible to register for VMworld and get the Badge to enter the event. But after a relative long day, alarm at 7 o clock in the morning, arriving at around 15.00 in the Hotel, after a little break and refreshment we first traveled to the city for some drinks, cultural sight seeing and eventually have some diner.

Barcelona Street view
Cultural Sight Seeing

Supporting Machine Learning Workloads and GPUs on vSphere

The next day (Monday) was the first real VMworld Experience day. As the first day is always a “startup” day for the event (the solution exchange for example is open at Tuesday 10:30), there where only a few sessions to attend. My first session was Supporting Machine Learning Workloads and GPUs on vSphere.

An interesting session with interactive components like doing some Machine Learning on your laptop! Interesting! The only downside of the sessions on this day where that the sessions took a long time to attend. Up to 4 hours for some sessions. So the whole day was for me already full with 1 session.

Tuesday was the first “real” day, with opening keynote and lots of sessions to attend, and the Solution Exchange was open, where there are a lot   of vendors with products you can discuss and questions about. This is a good place for networking!

When you’re getting hungry for some food…

In my experience there are lots of interesting sessions you can attend. Too much for me, but also, you cannot see them all, but luckily every session is recorded and can be viewed later.

Some of the sessions I followed from a work perspective, personal interest and for some, just I was curious about the subject:

  • Introducing VMware Pulse IoT Center 2.0
  • VMware EUC as a Force for Good
  • Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure : Technical Deep Dive
  • macOS Management from Zero to ONE
  • Living on the Edge : A Day in the Life of an IoT Device
  • Any Workload, Anywhere
  • The Latest and Greatest with VMware Blast Extreme

And in the evening there where several party’s for some relaxation and networking. A lot of fun to join!

Living on the Edge: A Day in the Life of an IoT Device

This Session was one very interesting for me, as IoT is not mainstream for every IT company, but it is so useful and the importance is growing.
I have personal Interest in IoT, also using at home, but enterprise is different story. It is nice to see development and the way VMware is jumping into solutions for this branch.

Living on the edge

In this session VMware Pulse IoT Managed Gateway is discussed including how to succesfully onboard, manage, monitor and help secure IoT devices as part of enabling critical IoT infrastructure management capabilities

An example in the session was updating software for windmills at sea, where the old method for updating the hardware was done through a helicopter, doing 100 mills will take a lot of time, not without risks and costs a lot of money. Instead, making use of IoT simplifies the whole management / update process

There are numerous cases where you can make use of IoT and future use of IoT will certainly grow much more than the usage now.

We where with a nice group of people on VMworld 2019:

And having some food togheter:

For me it was a new nice experience with lots of things to think about, but it also enriched my knowledge about the VMware  portfolio.

Thanks to the Login Consultants Team/Basefarm for having me at VMworld 2019!