Identifying Faulty disks in VMware vSAN (6.2)

When using VMware vSAN and a disk becomes faulty, but not according to the controller, it can become difficult to find out which disk is causing problems.

In this specific example, a Dell R730 server in combination with a PERC H730 Mini Controller is used.

In the vSAN Console, the disk is unhealthy:

According to iDrac, all disks are healthy:

How to identify the broken disk:

Open a console to the corresponding ESXi Host (for example with Putty):

And type in :  esxcli storage core path list -d naa.<identification number shown from vCenter>

In this example : esxcli storage core path list -d naa.5000c5009ea8d3af

This gives the following result:

The Target Transport Details value is the value we compare with the SAS Address value in iDrac:

In iDrac, go to Storage -> Physical Disks and expand the disk information per disk and look for the SAS Address value mentioned above

Until the corresponding drive is found :

In this case, the drive is in slot 11:

At this point, we can remove the correct disk from the system.